Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hummer H2 Limousine Luxurious

Hummer H2 indeed look very different from most cars. Form a unique and a large dimension.
in the standard conditions in the giant SUV is only able to steal the attention, how about the limusinnya version? Hummer surely this one into a luxurious monster seize the attention of every person.

Hummer h2 limusin Luxurious

Hummer h2 limusin Luxurious
With nearly 9 meters long, Hummer H2 Limousine presence is very light. The extraordinary length to make Krystal Enterprises, base the body of a car company in Brea, California that make claims Limousine-SUV is capable of carrying 15 passengers at once. That is 2 passengers in the front cabin and 13 other pieces back in the luxurious.

Passengers with a high average of 170 cm can be freely seated in the ‘room’ is equipped with sofas in a circle. Although the passengers who sit in the middle of the side, so that little experience difficulty entering or exit. However, the constraints are less with the presence of additional door on the right side of the SUV had been the mainstay General Motors this.

Generally, a Limousine, SUV superbig is also equipped with facilities owned by the luks like Hollywood celebrities. luxury in the interior layer of the skin quality.

interior H2 Hummer Limousin
Following four screen with Bose audio, ready to provide entertainment for passengers. Unfortunately the placement of a monitor that has seen little finishing rough. Baut brace frame stainless steel clamp that monitor can easily caught the eye.

However, the lack of minibar direduksi by the presence of crystal glass with a neat row on the right rear passenger space. Glamorous atmosphere increases with colorful lights decorate the interior. A touch of elegance that is able to obscure lack of interior superbongsor this SUV.
Vortec V8 engine with a 6,162 cc heart for parking as this is still maintained keasilannya. With bursts of up to 393 dk at 5700 rpm and torsi peak of 562 Nm at 4300 rpm.

Of course, this petrol engine feels slow compared to H2 if the regular version. Reasonable course, for body elongation makes bobotnya jumped, so the engine power wrench. To ensure that the supply of electricity in the Limousine-SUV is still insufficient, Alternator added as a back-up electricity supply.


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  2. Hummer surely this one into a luxurious monster seize the attention of every person.the woodlands limo


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